Enfant Baby Soap

Keep your baby clean and fresh with Enfant Baby Soap.


Keep your baby clean and fresh with a soap that will fit in your baby’s needs. This mild baby soap is enriched with a blend of moisturizers to keep baby’s skin soft and tender. It gives a nice and light fragrance that you and your baby will surely love. For freshness that lasts, use Enfant Baby Soap now.



▶ Why Enfant Baby Soap is recommended?

▶ What does the brand Enfant work on?

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Why Enfant Baby Soap is recommended?

⚫ Marilyn

Hi everyone!!!


I'm Marilyn and I'm a mother for 8months old boy. I'm looking for a soft that will suits my baby boy. Can you recommend me one?

⚫ Yoly

Congratulations Marilyn!!

Its blessing so take good care of him.


I will recommend you this soap called "Enfant Baby Soap 100g". Its an awesome soap inclusively for babies.

A delicate and mild soap with naturally formulated and moisturizer to protect against dryness, keeping your baby's skin soft and tender. Mild and gentle for your baby's delicate skin. Safety-fragrance according to International Fragrance Association.




₱ 260.00

Before ₱ 290.00,


What does the brand Enfant work on?

Enfant Specialty Stores are retail boutiques established and managed by Minton Multiresources Inc. (MMR) to sell the Enfant brand of baby products and accessories.


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What are the ingredients and how is it effective?

▶ Sodium palmate


Sodium palmate is used as a base ingredient in soap making and cosmetics. Sodium palmate is a core ingredient in many types of soap and is made from palm oil.

It is often combined with sodium cocoate, coconut oil sodium salt and the sodium salt of animal fat, sodium tallow. Together these three are one the major constituents of modern soap base. Base soap is the pure soap that has had no additional ingredients like color and scent added to it yet.

▶ Sodium cocoate


Sodium cocoate is a generic name for the mixture of fatty acid salts (acid salts) of coconut oil that is used in soap making.


Sodium cocoate is produced by hydrolysis of the ester linkages in coconut oil with sodium hydroxide, a strong base.

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