Pigeon Water Base Baby Wipes Refill 82's Pack of 6

The fabric of these wipes are made so soft, they soothe baby’s skin yet at the same time weaved to perfection to take on the rigors of cleaning without tearing.


Whether you like it or not, taking care of your baby is one messy job. Constant diaper changing and letting your baby burp after a meal are not glamorous tasks, but still necessary to keep your child healthy and happy. Make your chore a little less dirty with the help of Pigeon Water Base Baby Wipes. Microbiologically-tested, this makes the Pigeon Baby Wipes not only good for babies, but for children and adults of all ages, as well. Since it is water-based and made extra soft, this product will definitely never harm your baby’s smooth skin.


Why Use Pigeon Water Base Baby Wipe?

Extra Soft Wipes

✔PIGEON Baby Wipes with maximum softness for ultimate comfort and care during wiping.


Gentle for baby skin

✔ 99% Pure Water


Paraben Free

✔ Things like parabens (a chemical preservative) can irritate baby’s sensitive skin, happily to say Pigeon Baby Wipes is a paraben free wipes.


Fragrance Free


Alcohol Free


Micrologically Tested

✔ Ensure the wipes are superior quality and meets PIGEON hygiene standards.


How to Use Pigeon Water Base Baby Wipes?

✔During nappy changes and bathtimes, wash or wipe around your baby's genitals and bottom to clean away soiling.



✔Always wipe the area from front to back.



✔Use baby wipes for cleansing you baby skin.

What are the Materials Used?



✔ Butylene






✔Cetylpyridium Chloride


✔Benzalkonium Chloride


✔Sodium Citrate


✔Citric Acid

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