Pregnant postpartum Breathable gauze Peivis Belt+Abdomen Belt

For Mothers who wanted to gain back their figure after giving birth, here's for you!


Pregnant women waist belt Remodeling postpartum larger pelvis and uterus. Abdominal towel soft absorbent material, good air permeability. Suitable for women's body, wearing a feeling of security. Three Velcro tape, you can freely adjust the tightness. It can be used in other situations as needed S code size 26 X 85cm for waist circumference 50cm - 65cm


Why Use Pregnant postpartum Breathable gauze Peivis Belt+Abdomen Belt?

✔ Right Size

Size suitable to be comfortable


✔ Not Allergic

Breathable, Bacteria Cannot Grow


✔ Fixed with Separated segments to control fats

Double fixed fat and does not run


✔ Pressureless Support

With Fixing Strip , can effectively support waist, control fat and shape perfect figure


✔ Shape Mother's abdomen

Help repositioning of baby for a more comfortable way before giving birth


How To Use Pregnant postpartum Breathable gauze Peivis Belt+Abdomen Belt?

Adjusting down their waist, so athletic center and spine alignment.


With fastener ① firmly wrapped around the lower part of the pelvis (the pelvis of the projections place the following)


With fastener ② wound portion below the navel, allowed to easily support.


Finally fastener ③ gently winding unwrapping wrapped body.


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