Huggies Dry Diapers Newborn

Huggies Diapers and Pants are recommended by Pediatricians in Metro Manila (7 out of 10 recomended Huggies) and are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash.

✔ Bring the adhesive strips around and fasten snugly. Be careful not to stick the tape onto your baby's skin.



✔ Garbage should be emptied regularly (about once a day) if you're using disposables. Not only does this prevent a stinky diaper pail but also prevents the growth of bacteria.


✔ If you find any marks around your baby's legs and waist, the diaper is too tight. Go for a looser fit next time. If that doesn’t help, your baby may be ready for the next size diaper.


✔ If a rash develops at the diaper openings around your baby's leg and waist, change the brand of diaper you're using. Sometimes babies become sensitive to certain brands of diapers.


✔ If diapering a boy, place the penis in a downward position before fastening the diaper. This will help prevent leaks from creeping up above the waistline.


✔ Fold down the waistline of the diaper if your baby's umbilical cord has not fallen off yet to keep that area dry. Continue to do this for a few days after the cord has fallen off to prevent irritation.


✔ Always wash your hands well after changing your baby's diaper to prevent the spread of germs.

Product Reminders

✔ Change diapers frequently, as well as soon after bowel movements. Clean the area gently. Wiping vigorously or rubbing can further irritate the rash.


✔ Use a diaper ointment to prevent and heal rashes. Look for one with zinc oxide, which acts as a barrier against moisture. A&D ointment is also soothing for minor rashes.


✔ Let your baby go undiapered for part of the day, laying your little one on top of a few diapering cloths. (If you have a boy, place another cloth diaper over his penis when he's on his back so he doesn't spray you.)


✔ If you use cloth diapers, wash them in dye- and fragrance-free detergents, and avoid drying them with scented drying sheets.

What Are The Materials Used?

» Polypropylene

» Polyester

» Polyethylene

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By: Vanja Z.

So far I am very satisfied with all the products I have ordered trough Lazada . Huggies diapers were a really good choice , and thank you for all promo options you give to your customers. Ever since begining my baby use Huggies , and they are really a good choice . Thank you


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