Dr. Brown's Deluxe Electric Sterilizer

Now there is a safer and quicker way to sterilize your baby's bottles. Introducing Dr. Brown's Deluxe Electric Sterilizer!

✔ Safely steam sterilizes six bottles in 12 minutes


✔ Easy-to-use one-button operation makes it simple to quickly sterilize baby bottles


✔ Removable basket perfectly holds all the bottles in a position for steam to directly reach inside each bottle


✔ Accessory tray holds small items, such as breast pump parts, nipples and pacifiers

Product Reminders:

Use only distilled water inside the unit. If distilled water is not used, over time mineral deposits can build up on the heating element and can flake off. See instructions for more information.

Q and A:

Q: Does it hold the Dr Brown's Wide Neck bottle and parts as well?

A: Yes it does. It fits most if not all bottle. The only reason why I am still using it is because of its large size.

Q: Is this BPA free?

A: Yes it is.

Q: Can you use Avent bottles in this sterilizer?

A: It's designed for the dr browns but I use it with other bottles and Breast pump parts. So yes, u definetely can!

Q: Does it works with electric power? If it does, does it use 110V or 220V?

A: 110V

Q: Do you still need to wash the bottles with soap and water before sanitizing them?

A: Yes, you would need to wash the item before hand.

Q: Can i put medela bottles and breast pump parts ?

A: Absolutely. However, don't forget to remove the rubber circles from the pump equipment first. Just rinse them in hot water

Q: Does this sterilizer fit both the tall 8oz and the wide 8oz bottles?

A: Yes, it fits all bottles from Dr. Brown´s.

Q: Does this make odor like different brand?

A: No

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