Enfant Baby Soap

Keep your baby clean and fresh with Enfant Baby Soap.

▶ Titanium Dioxide


Is a natural mineral pigment that is used as a whitener and o pacifier in both Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap. It is also used comprehensively in mineral make up.

• Age:Newborn and above

• 100g of delicate and mild soap

• Naturally formulated, enriched wih moisturizers

• Protects against dryness, keeps skin soft and tender

• Clinically tested, non-irritating, mild, and gentle for baby’s delicate skin

• Safety fragrance according to International Fragrance Association


How to Use

Create a lather and gently wash your baby's entire body.



By Michael

Very nice body wash for my baby! Light and pleasant scent. Ingredients feel good on the skin non irritating and all natural. Washes away easily leaving a light scent and soft layer of moisturizer on the skin.


By Tiffany

Perfect Baby Shampoo!


I absolutely LOVE this for my daughter! I've used many other soaps and they either didn't wash well or I didn't like the smell. This one washes hair well, leaving it clean, soft and shiny. It also leaves a very slight fragrance that's not too strong. It is a very clean smell.


By Emily Perez

This product has a nice smell to it that leaves my baby feeling fresh and clean. I think Johnson & Johnson is way too strong and perfumy, but this was perfect.


It has been used to heal cracking, dry skin, so the addition to this product makes it a great winter baby wash. I'm not entirely sure why they emphasize organic since the rest of the wash doesn't seem to be organic, however.


The soap itself has a nice lather and I was able to use just a little bit to clean my baby's hair and body.


The price of this isn't bad. I'd buy it again


By Josephine

I have been using this wash and shampoo for a few months now on my little ones (ages 3 and 6 months) and am so happy! The scent is quite mellow and appealing and my daughter's sensitive skin enjoys this wash. We now do Subscribe & Save for this product and have it delivered monthly.


By Mommy J

Our baby had dry skin, so our pediatrician recommended we switch baby wash/shampoos. After using the samples of Enfant Baby Soap she provided, we quickly ordered a pack from Lazada. Her skin cleared up and we LOVE the smell of our baby after her bath. It suds up great and a little goes a long way.


Recommend to...

- Age:Newborn and above


Q & A

Q: Is it really safe for my baby?


A: Yes it is. By the way, it is Clinically tested. And the Enfant assure that all their products has no harmful materials or ingredients.

Q: How does this soap work?


A: Soap works by removing dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin, due to fatty acids in the soap.

Q: Why do I have to choose this and why not others?


A: Some soaps strip natural oils from the skin, causing dryness and irritation. But this soap is mild and contain moisturizers that effectively rehydrate skin.

Q: What is the Best way to Store Enfant Baby Soap?


We recommend keeping them in a jar or plastic bag to limit the amount of air that they are exposed to. This will not affect their ability to clean, however, just use them as you normally would.


Avoid direct contact in the eyes, ears and mouth.


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