Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Breastfeeding. ..the Very Heart of Our Business

☘ What are the Materials and how is it effective to our baby ?



⚫BPA Free


▶️ Convertible ◀️


It Can Covert to Electric!


You may start out as an occasional breast pumper, but what happens if there are problems and you need to rely on your pump to a greater degree? The Harmony manual pump is not suitable for hardcore pumping, but you can purchase a conversion kit that turns it into a more durable electric breast pump. This is another feature that you will not find on many other manual pumps, so you have to keep this in mind if there is any chance you might need to get more use out of your pump sometime in the future.

▶️ Lightweight ◀️


It Weighs Just a Pound


The Medela Harmony weighs just one pound, so you won’t have trouble hauling it around. This is a very lightweight pump that doesn’t take up much room in a bag or purse. You can put it somewhere in your car for emergencies or keep one in various locations of the home just in case you need to express and the baby isn’t quite ready to get the job done.

▶️ BPA Free ◀️


No Fear of Contact with BPA


BPA is a type of plastic that used to be used in baby bottles, water bottles, and a variety of other products designed for home and business use. Research has shown that it can cause serious health issues for humans, which of course includes fragile babies. Keeping up with the times, Medela ensures that all parts of their breast pumps that come in contact with the baby’s milk are completely BPA free. This includes all bottles made by Medela for use with their breast pumps.

☘ How To Use ☘

⬛️ The pump comes in a few parts – 4 pieces make up the pump/bottle then you have 2 leads plus the main unit


⬛️ It’s easy to put together, helped by clear instructions…. the bottle has a valve system inside it


⬛️ You need to make sure you wash and sterilise the parts before you put it together as per the instructions. Once you’ve set it up, plug it in and hit the power button


⬛️ As with using a manual pump, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of how it would feel but it felt fine – painless and comfortable! It has a ‘2-phase’ method so it starts pumping as if a baby was suckling, then kicks into the expression mode 2 minutes later – but if your milk/let-down starts flowing within that 2 minutes, you press a button to go into expressing mode early. It has + and – buttons to increase/decrease the vacuum effect – I tend to use the + button to encourage the milk a bit when I’m struggling… and conversely I’ve used it when the milk is flowing well and can go quicker

☘ Reviews ☘

By : NonStopMommy

I use this pump every day. It was great when my babies were first born and didn't latch on very well and it's great now that boys are 8 months old. I love that when I pump I can use one hand to pump and my other to massage my breast to get as much of my milk out as possible (to prevent clogged ducts which I am susceptible to). Its easy to use anywhere.


By : ASDA88

Great product for the price. Excellent for at home, vacations or on-the-go emergencies that tend to happen. Small enough to fit in your diaper bag or purse! Lots of vacuum power, and as it is manual you can choose your comfort level. Two bottles for pumping, storing and feeding... with a special nipple


By : missvane

I use this pump everyday and it is easy to use and works great !!! it's also easy to clean. I also like that it's small so I can carry it in my diaper bag if I really need to.


By : Crystal Gothard

I like that medela products are interchangeable. For some reason this came with the smallest size funnel. I have small breasts, but this size was too small. I use the medium size, and if they were not interchangeable, I'd be stuck with a small funnel.


By : sylvia

This is a great manual pump and I love that it is compatible with my accessories for my other pumps--the medela pump in style and the medela swing. This means that if I have my medela swing with me I only need to bring the top handle part so that I have a manual option if there aren't any outlets.


☘ Recommend To ☘

✔️ busy mother who works

✔️ plays sport

✔️ wants to go shopping or go out for an evening


☘ Q&A ☘

▶️ Q : is this product makes noise ( like philips avent)? i want to use it inside the airplane, i don’t want everybody knows that i am pumping


▶️ A : No, it’s super quiet. No one would know what you were doing. The only noise it makes is a soft suction noise, but only you and maybe the person next to you would be able to hear it.

▶️ Q :Does your hand get tired/hurt while using it? I don’t want to get it and hate it :)


▶️ A :Yes, but I have arthritis and carpel tunnel in my dominant hand. So, I am not sure it would hurt the average, more healthy person. However, it does take about ten minutes before my hands becomes sore. :)

▶️ Q : My previous babies have had a hard time latching so I need to pump exclusively. Can I use this for every feeding?


▶️ A : It is plausible, but if you were going to do that, I’d highly recommend an electric pump. The manual pump is hard to get used to, if you’ve never used an electric pump.

▶️ Q :Has anyone bought/used two of these manual pumps so as to pump both breasts at the same time, with or without a hands-free bra? would you recommend?


▶️ A :It’s kind of awkward and you need very good balance on both of your hands. My wife falls into sleeps a lot of times when she’s using these hand-pumps. And we finally decided to go for the portable one that’s powered by electricity. Simply just to save a lot of labor. You definitely can give it a try but, honestly, it’s not that efficient to use these manual pumps when you are tired and therefore cannot concentrate all the time. So I personally won’t recommend.

☘ Caution ☘

Keep Out of Reach of Children


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