Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion 400ml SET of 2

All babies need added moisture because of their undeveloped skin barrier.


By Bedalyn

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion to ensure that a mother’s loving touch is always accompanied by a world-class, trusted product. Designed for easy application, the complete line is paraben-free, free from minerals, gentle on the skin, and mild to cater to every baby with normal skin. .


By Pooja

Cetaphil® Baby Daily Lotion features renowned moisturising ingredient Shea Butter and Sunflower seed oil to gently moisturise and protect baby’s skin. This lotion is good to use anytime of the day as it is light and get absorbed pretty fast leaving it smooth and hydrated.



Lauren and Georgia like it too. There had been times when I thought I’d skip the body lotion. But both girls remember and would ask for it when they get out of the bath and every evening before they go to bed. Is that a girl’s thing? Don’t worry about being read to, body lotion is a must!

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with its gentle formula is able to moisturise and protect my children’s delicate skin. It contains moisturising Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil. The body lotion not only hydrates and nourishes baby’s skin, but it is also free of harsh chemicals, like parabens, colourants and mineral oil.


By Neva

I always tell Ann, Noah’s super yaya to apply lotion on Noah. It’s also part of his daily massage therapy and sensory integration exercises. Cetaphil’s Baby Daily Lotion has shea butter which really delivers the moisture! I used it on myself to test and it was really good on the skin.


By Martine de Luna

Followed with a gentle massage using their Daily Lotion, which has my favortie shea butter (to preserve the skin barrier and to provide moisture that lasts the whole day), it’s the perfect time for us to relax and bond in a special way as mom and daughter.


By Jiahui

This lotion is so light that you can use it daily after baby’s bath. It is dermatologically tested and recommended by paediatricians. My kids have now the habit to put on Cetaphil® Baby Daily Lotion after their bath and there’s even an internal competition among themselves to see who smells more baby-like! (And because it’s so light and easy to use, I’ve been applying it on myself too!)


By CamillaClaudette

My little bonjing is pretend-reading the ingredients on her @cetaphilph #CetaphilBaby lotion. Don't worry, anak. Mommy will only use safe and gentle products on you.



There are many ways to show you care. With Cetaphil Baby, you can keep your cherished little one’s skin soft, smooth, and moisturized everyday.

More products of Cetaphil Baby’s skincare line consists of the Gentle Wash & Shampoo, Ultra-moisturizing Bath & Wash, Massage Oil, Daily Lotion, Shampoo and Ultra Sensitive Baby wipes.


The Cetaphil Baby product line comes in these small bottles too! Aren't they adorable? Perfect for family trips!



◻️ Q : Is this only for body or face/ body?



◼️ A : I use it for both face and body on my little one.

◻️ Q : Is it good on face for three months baby?



◼️ A : Yes absolutely.

◻️ Q : Does the lotion stain when it gets in contact with clothes?



◼️ A : No. It's very very lite, and I've never got a stain on any mine or the families cloths

◻️ Q : Is baby's moisturizing lotion daily use also good for adults



◼️ A : It smells really good, and can definitely be used for adults; Cetaphil products are always great. This lotion is a much thinner consistency than I expected for a baby lotion. Works well, just thin.


◼️ If it gets into your baby's eyes, rinse with water.


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