Avent Natural Feeding Bottle 4oz Twin Pack

Feeding your baby is a delicate process yet a rewarding experience. It's one thing to know what nutrients come with your baby's food and another what kind of materials go in contact with his mouth. That's why the Avent Natural Feeding Bottles make sure that only high-grade quality and safe materials touch your little baby's gentle lips.

The Philips Avent Natural bottle is made of BPA free* material (polypropylene).


✓ Trusted by moms since 1984

Since 1984, Philips Avent has been designing and manufacturing products that are inspired by nature and have been developed through extensive research and clinical trials.


✓ Compatible with Philips Avent range

The Philips Avent Natural bottle is compatible with the Philips Avent range, excluding Classic bottles and cup handles. We advise to use the Natural bottles with Natural feeding nipples only.


Technical Specifications

► Capacity: 4oz/125ml


► Bottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck

What Are The Materials Used?

► Bottle

► BPA free*


► Polypropylene

► Nipple

► BPA free*


► Silicone

Q and A:

Q: What nipple size do 4oz bottles come with?

A: Size 1 nipples

Q: How are these bottles when they are repeatedly reheated

A: Our bottles are designed to withstand being repeatedly heated for formula preparation and sterilization.

Q: Is this plastic bottel or glass bottel how can i know please ?

A: This bottle is BPA free plastic.

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