Friso Three 900g

The growing up milk specially formulated to build your child’s physical and mental development.

► Number of Scoops: 5 scoops

► 1 levelled Scoop, Approx.: 6.6 grams

Q and A:

Q: Can I use cold water to prepare Friso Gold?

A: Although preparation in cold water doesn’t harm the milk formula, it is best to follow the instructions for use, i.e. use boiled water cooled to below 40°C (warm water). If the formula is prepared with cold water, the powder may not dissolve properly.

Q: My child is constipated. Can I dilute the milk?

A: No, you shouldn’t dilute the milk to ensure that your child gets the maximum nutrients from it. It is better to feed your child extra water in between feeding times

Q: What is the shelf life of Friso Gold?

A: The shelf life of Friso Gold is 2 years.

Q: Where is this product from?

A: This product is 100% from Holland.

Q:How many glasses of FrisoGold 3 should my child drink every day?

A: The recommendation is 2-3 glasses every day.

Q: How should I prepare Friso Gold 3?

►To ensure the survival of live bacteria, boiled water must be cooled below 40°C (warm water) before preparing the milk formula.


►Add 5 scoops for Friso Gold 3 and mix with 180ml of water.


►Use prepared Friso Gold 3 formula within a maximum of 1 hour after preparation.


►Throw away unfinished milk after feeding.


►Store the milk powder in a cool and dry place.


►Consume within 4 weeks after opening.

Where to buy this product?


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